the phone:

there’s this guy on the TV

got a great stand-up routine

& he’s cracking some good ones

& I’m wondering

what happened here?

he never calls


he wants something

I’m kinda busy here fella I go

got some words I’m thinking on

gonna put down

about the state of the world

lovers in love with hating

how my life got burnt

in places around the edges

yeah, I was wondering…

do you still have that drill

I lent you years ago?

sure, its in a box somewhere

ok, can I come get on Saturday?

I’ll get her to drive…

& we get there

to what he wants

maybe needs

a visit

do some effing & jeffing

sink a few

while we talk of old times

he’ll get drunk

forget the drill

& some time later

ring again

when he’s entombed

in his rooms

tired of life

feeling forced to sit

do nothing but watch the box

& get so desperate

he’ll call with some sad tale

ask about the drill

ok, fella, see you sat

erm, you know I’m not drinking right now?

wait, what you say?

not drinking?

& I hear his spirits sink a notch

really? shit man

what the fu-wait

you’re fucking with me again


yeah man I say

see you Saturday

put the phone down



that’ll give him enough energy

go walk his daft dog

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