I cannot breakdown

you talk so gruff

I think you are a hard man

when it comes to women

not uncaring, just, just….

& she tails off

lost in sentence

& unthinking

so I tell her of times of silence

this is never supposed to be

that sitting there just overthinking

thin shadows chaining the wall

& all has gone away

could I have done things better?

talked out the troubles

until the world settled down

& all has gone away

I thought how things started

was how they were gonna end

that’s not how life is

the lesson to be learned

turning on the tv

playing music

only reminds we did this together

tugging at heart strings

nothing new to play

feelings only hurt today

you want to be a poet

they told me some time ago

then take a welcome to the pain

circular moments

when I get through this

I’m not sure I’ll be the better man

there is nothing as I look around

anchors me to this place

but to walk out the door

is gonna take all my strength

say hello to mr jones

this fool is now all alone

& all has gone away…

looking at her then

seeing if she comprehends

there is a little tiny lost tear there

corner of her eye

but its not anything

of what I’m saying

all that served

only as reminder

of what she has lost

to herself

she shrugs

dabs in her bag for tissue

but what you don’t say

is your pain


deep loss

so I order her a coffee

me a stiff cognac

gesture I will pay the bill

la quinta

to the bored waiter

in the corner

who has seen all this

so many times before


we will part at the door

for this one

is lost

to her own cause


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