Stare ‘em down

he looks at me knowing

I’m not from round here

that insolent these are my streets

my part of town leer

& I’m not fussed

he’s not to know

these once were my streets

& I can bet I know

where he’ll be in five minutes

which part of the park

he & his mates

will be hanging in

I can very probably name the drug


but he’s staring at me

& my look has to meet

not challenge enough to excite

just enough for him to think

probably best not to bother

& they’re gone by

off to sit & plot their day

ways to get the money together



& I’m gone

having met me in the repetition

history has

until it resolves itself

I was here once

a long time ago

no better no worse

than these boys

trying to get by

& that is the point to remember


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