I wanted that love

she smiled at me

coquettish over her shoulder

& I felt the pain in my groin

mix of lust & wonder

would I ever be good enough?

nothing had yet been revealed

the trash behind all that poise

we dated a few times

made something between us

nights in her bed

days wandering the world

heading to some kind of future

that’s generally how this story goes

& then you wake one morning

head & eyes open to what lies around

seeing clearly for the first time

since that once backwards glance

this is how together would be

picking up her pieces left on the ground

being her trash man

holding everything together

supporting actor for her ain’t life grand?

so you drop the ball a couple of times

she don’t seem to notice

the trash getting deeper, higher

pattern missing to the floor

& you go missing yourself

see if that makes a difference at all

until you notice her looking over her shoulder

at somebody else

& you feel the pain soft in your head

you never were worthy enough

to be the picker upper, bag man

in somebody else’s score

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