Too many Neils

This fella

pushes himself in to the bar

bellies right up ordering

looking all around

are you Neil?

he says kinda wild eyed

sure I go that’s me


he looks around again

like he’s checking the exits

the odds against him

you know Diane x?

no I say, I don’t

who is she?

as he starts pulling on my arm

lets talk over here

Diane is, was my wife until you…

& in the anger, there is a tear there

I don’t know this Diane, you, I say

so, don’t lets start putting stuff on me, ok

I got your name, this bar, this crowd

& here you are….

& I look over to the other Neil

he’s trying hard not to look over

while looking nervous about this fella

holding grudges right in front of me

this Neil you want teaches at x?

he nods, yeah that’s where they met

I call the barman over, tell him where I teach

you teach at y he says…been there a few years

& the fella is not entirely convinced

but he’s starting to get there

your Diane is not one of my students

as I look over see Neil slipping out the side door

dark haired fella much as me?

teaches business studies, accounting?

he nods again, yeah she’s business studies

& he looks helpless now

I’d give him a man hug if his intent

was not obvious hurt

does she know you’re here?

she’s outside in the car

all messed up by you, this Neil

finishing the fling yesterday

& I’m furious with her, him, you

he rushes out the door before the tears come

& then there comes a shouting

because of course Neil had seen her

had been talking out his love in the car

as the jilted hubby shot out the door

full of feelings & fear

he’d made a fool

of himself with the wrong fella in the bar

we enjoyed the show as he chased Neil

out of the car, around the car

& gave him a cuffing about the ears

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