I feel like I’m living


love is good

lust kicks in

beauty swims by

sunshine warms me

dawns grow in a corner of the sky

cover the ice in blue flame

cicadas wake me

horizons glow red at night

food happens

my shoes fit

Sam the dog barks

waves break right

or left

money gets paid

on time

in time

for my time

gin n’ tonic is cold

lemon just-so bitter

underwear don’t ride

trees sound like rain

grass sweet against my teeth

old friends call

traffic flowing

lights all on green

courtesy given


mist over the ocean

yachts reflected still

herons fishing

sweet latte & good company

beer and humour

music from the centuries

I’ve lived

dancing like a mad thing

for the glory of it

baby gurgles

soft hands

big as my finger

first words

from all the above

and YOU

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