Celebration times

I remember a couple of good’uns

but the ones that really stand out

are of course the difficults

not the screaming shouting ones

that’s all just background noise

it’s the searching the bars & pubs

where she had just left gone on again

finally finding with the dwarf in jester kit

kissing sitting across her knees

snogging for the new year to come

other drunken women starting fights

over nothing that would cause scars

during day or more sober times

pissed confessions in front of strangers

tears & recriminations to their delight

free entertainment dramas on their night out

& poverty can’t be at fault here or blame

there were other great times sitting the nights

with cheap cider & good friends as company

forgetting hardships in friendship & more

& the common integer must always be me

that & my poor choices in women

all of this in events gone before

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