In the street

she said

lets go drinking

so we did

talking of the world

people we knew

thought we knew

how the two were most often

the same

we ended up in bed together

later that night

& I said

I thought you liked girls

as one of my exes had moved in

with her for a while

but had got tired

of all the gay men hanging out there

yeah, I do, but I like men too

she said

while fumbling with my man bits

but I can’t fuck

its vaginisimus

I can’t open up to men

which was just as well

as I wasn’t responding

to her attempts

at arousal

so we turned away

fell asleep

& I woke to her getting dressed

see you around eh?

& some time later

maybe a month

one of her gay men & she

got engaged

later married

I wasn’t invited

but I did see her in the street

she smiled

that kind of

I have a secret


nodded softly

& walked on

not stopping to talk

secrets will kill you if you let them

I thought to myself

& wondered

how all that would work out

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