Easy Saturday

late afternoon

drinking with bar friends

summer easy

heading into the evening

letting the day flow

no thoughts of destiny

& in walked

all of her black haired beauty

we talked a little

as I drank her in

I wanted her

she wanted me

it was in the air

the way

we couldn’t stop looking

at each other

I said come on

lets go take a walk

see if we like each other

we went out

found a quiet spot

corner of the park

& the talking slowed

we fucked each other

oh so quick

got that

out of our systems

struggled back to the bar

& sometime later

she left with her friends

& I remember thinking

oh, was that it?

later heard

she’d moved on

found another man

six months go by

I get a call

you want to meet again?

we spent time

she moved in

& I thought it was love

those words got used

it was good

all that loving

she wanted me

I wanted her

but the world

always gets its way

I was no good for her

having no plans

no ambitions

skills to sell

pay the bills

& we drifted too long

expecting somehow

maybe like the movies

that poor love

to find a way for us

until she pulled

toward a different direction

& she let me go

& I can’t say it’s often

but there are days I think

of easy Saturday afternoons

doors that open

with a beautiful black haired girl

coming through the bar door

with a smile

& I order another drink

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