wants to meet

but its not a conversation

some back & forth of ideas


process of discovery

meeting of minds

this is a talking to

a telling

what’s what

this is the real truth

suck it up

& I’m not sure

if she knows

what a bitch

she’s being

maybe doesn’t care

got her truth to tell

got things to share

my role only

to be the designated listener

person to be told truth to

the exits are blocked

by pulls on heart strings

kinship of experience shared

when I try to query

probe thoughts

back to this frozen wall

I get ‘enough’

just listen

which is cue sure enough

for anybody

I get to my feet

call for the tab

I pay half plus tip


the lady

is a strong minded

wilful woman

who knows her own mind

who don’t need no man

to pay her way


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