living in the

Living in the

shuffling grey pavement

dodging drying puke

pigeons prancing around their trophy

as newspapers flap on the corner

next to dog shit streaks

& today could a better day

the barrow boys

collecting cans

unwanted gifts in trash bins

diesel hangs in the air

mixing with the drain smell

just never enough rain

to wash all this completely away

living in the shitty

just a kid growing up

one day you wake up

there’s a bit of a breeze

the rain has washed the world

sun cutting through the high rise

shining on a thing of plastic

a full baggie on the pavement

notes fluttering the street

you stoop to tie your laces

gather what you can

mooching away slowly

looking out for the man

make it to the corner

get light on your toes

is just life in the shitty

grab it with both hands

tomorrow will not be the same

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