packrider says

riding in a pack

from outside looks easy

bikers playing follow the leader

what you might not know

there is your place

within it

to be found

& if you choose wrong

someone will remind you of this

there are the usual obstacles of the road

& then the idiots in cars

who will try to cut in

deciding at the last second

that their exit is coming up

& that you are in their way

some of these need a reminder

of who & what they are dealing with

others can need a more forceful wake up

in case they forget they are dealing with motorcycles

forgetting how vulnerable we are

by creeping for a better look

not understanding

you are keeping to a pattern

watching for potholes

for the guys on hardtails

who feel them thru’ their coccyx

always working to keep up the pace

pressure not to slow the rest down

thinking how much gas is in the tank

sounds of your engine

how others are riding

do they have issues?

& while the people driving

see a mob of mad monsters

you see one recovering from a broken leg

him going through a divorce

that one who doesn’t know it yet

but his woman is leaving him

he with diabetes

him who has the onset of parkinsons

one recovering from a happy life

all in a roar

going somewhere


but here

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