You write then?

he says

looking at a rough

of a few bits n pieces

I was going to do

at a friends, family & foes night

can I take a look?

he mumbles a few lines

to himself

in that way we got taught at school

looking for a rhythm

always ending

with a last line rush

he’ll talk about scan in a second

not understanding

my lines don’t work out that way

you local?

I nod my head

I did hear there was a poet

out this way

bit hard on the ladies

drinks too much for his own good

& writes in the local pub

never got enough for a round

quick with the fuck off

the back of his hand

& I’m beginning to think

if he doesn’t mean me

i’d be happy to

be a stand in

cheeky wee fucker

has read the words

not suggested to buy a drink

or offer his own verbs

I think I just might have one or two

for him


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