smudge in time

Its all about envy

not the money

the flame

me dying slower than her

keeping the looks

she has more lovers

better friends bringing gifts & tea

who will fight

for her favours

journeys into the night

while I had lovers talked of love

who ran into that same dark night

with journeys never bringing return

not to be seen again

leaving only dead underwear

a smudge on the bathroom mirror

that I see as I piss

in the cool morning

envy me

your life is better

if only you were me

& I believe half of what I see

none of what I hear

though still I can hear her hiss

my loves are better than you

what you pretend to be yours

& you will never again

have this

as I stare into the bathroom mirror

the shaver makes it slide by kiss

yes my old love, you can tell me

all you want of those evenings

tell me every single thing

try to stoke my envy

build my desire

but you too

will never have this

my feelings for you are long dead

yesterdays novel has grown cold

& old


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