Strange chap from the north

he arrived one Saturday evening

full of vim & vigour

& thankfully


we in this bar

were well versed

in each others ways

& were staring into our beer

not talking much

enjoying the peace

this was not enough

for our man from t’north

‘c’mon you lot, wake up, have fun’

we looked at each other


though this was not an abstract concept

we were firmly against it

in these premises

unless it was talking

about it in a past tense

which served as warning

for further forays into fun

look! he exclaimed, look!

as he was hand walking

on two beer bottles

across the aged carpet

‘the person who walks furthest, wins’


this was a rigged game


to a man

we declined his invitation

turned back to our beers

‘huh’ he shouted

‘no wonder there are no women here’

and slammed the door as he left

our beers still held fascination though

what he would never know

was that our women were out together

a shopping & drinks foray

no doubt along the way

they would experience excitement

from chaps such as that

who know for sure what fun is

& how to give them a good time

they will all troop in here


much later

happy & filled with excitement

leaving us

to pick up the pieces

of fun

in the past tense


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