you cant kid the kids that count


i’m listening as you tell me

your life

your side

version of your story

& pardon me if I look plain

its not that i’m not hearing

oh no not that at all

i’m picking up every word

feeling the back beat

thuds on the inner drum

my third eye reviewing

what is said, done

& I will go along

auditing from my back brain

as you explore detail

recording the chronicle of you

no fuss about details

tell me what you will

I relish a well spun legend

love to agree your every word

but don’t kid a kidder eh?

later that back brain

will kick in

finding inconsistencies

this is part & parcel

growing up in families

got stuff to hide

whose first instinct

is to reach for the lie

its not about you

just the patterns from youth

keeping your inner self safe

hard lessons learnt

& you cant kid the kids

that count


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