night shopping

In the next street

corner bar

down another road


late night place

she’ll be waiting

her dress

pushed up so

looking around

not looking for me

much as i’m not looking

for her

she will recognise me

as I walk in

take a seat close by

& I know her

only the names

may have changed

we always start off easy

denying the path we’ll take

a couple of drinks

maybe a few more

catching eyes

begin a conversation

spark each others smokes

talking light

this, that, the cat

the smiles coming easier

as the drinks slide

then maybe

back to hers

with a bottle

or to mine

where the same awaits

sometime after three

we’ll tumble into the bed

fumble around a short while

until one of us has to leave

things to do in the a.m


others to go back to

people needing answers


stumbling to find shoes


that last drink for the road

not quite

catching eyes

muttered goodbyes

& we could possibly meet again

on another night

a different corner bar

only the names

might change


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