She was a sexy girl

& had grown now

into a woman

who loved sex

felt it brought her

all the rewards

that were surely hers

her man did not seem to mind

that her favors were there to be shared

I was one of the unlucky ones

she appeared not to care for

in the casino of her loving

one late evening

as ever

at a party

Jay came over

gently shaken

she offered me, man

offered it just there’

he pointed to a dark corner

she stood & said

you can fuck me

If you want,

right here,

do me from the back

I’ll pull my knickers over

& you can slide it in’

he was panting

all of this

as if it were a story

he’d heard told

to scare the children

he looked at me

eyes all over the place

shit man, I said

how could you refuse

such a gracious offer?

he looked at me again

narrowed his eyes

you can go off people

you know

he hissed


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