Sometime in my late teens

& nothing

was working out for me

I found this old book

that showed


how to cast spells

& in those shoes

you think why not?

so I made my way

into the forest

telling no one where I was

found a hill

one full moon night




I laid my offerings

out to the four points

of the compass

had a drink

maybe two

for comfort

the book told

to piss in a circle

while reciting

the formula on the page

I did this

thankful of the drinks

then stood in the middle

& waited

waited some more

the moon got higher

some clouds covered it over

& it got dark

I could just about see

my offerings

I turned the circle

to see them

& as I turned again

they were gone

it was then I heard

a snicker

almost a giggle

from all around me

I sat

In the centre of the circle

& waited

for whatever

may come next

I woke with the dawn

having slept

for some six hours

no dreams

no nightmares

just a good nights sleep

there next to me

a note

‘this spell is not over

It has just begun’




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