deep country

We were looking

in deep country

france profonde

found masses

of broken back barns

maison de potential

while the agent smarmed

piles of pantiles

lengths of marble

propping up walls

once used

to control the milk

in the months of hot thunder


basins that seemed

to have been well used

for the unspeakable

fosse septiques that no longer


here was where maman & papa

raised en famille

the kids that then found city life

city work


& no longer needed

l’estat familiale

m’sieur was sure, he said

we could get these

pour le price amiable

with a nod at the well

the broken pump

the pigeons that now definitely

ruled the roost

today we decided

was the day

we refused to buy misery


we thanked m’sieur

gave our own nods to the place

leaving quietly

making sure

not to take anything with us

that we felt

needed to remain



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