drug advice nobody gives

If you are going to do drugs

make sure the person selling

you drugs

sells you good drugs

if you are not sure of the dose

split it into quarters

do a quarter


then do the next quarter etc

avoid other people doing drugs

they will fuck you over

unless its you

fucking them over

don’t ever

sell drugs to people you don’t know


even if you need to recoup your losses

carry drugs in public places

esp. under the influence of drugs

e.g. jumping the train

without a ticket

while carrying a shitload of drugs

if stopped by the police



whatever you got


will always be better than being processed

put in the system

part of the drug life

is understanding

that being caught with drugs

is worse than any effect

drugs will have

except possibly good opiates

never admit

to being under the influence of drugs

blame spirits

mixed drinks

to do otherwise

creates invitation to misunderstanding

invasion of your life

avoid wearing t shirts that say

I do drugs

cannabis headbands

put free the leaf stickers on

your transport

guitar case


of your property

sharing houses


your life

with drug users


at parties

Christmas family get togethers





(if they are the kind of person who does

or needs drugs

why would they need your


or help?)


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