seeking nirvana

I’ve always had a thing with drugs

whether it be paracetomol

codeine for the pain

into grass

& then the years of block

he hash

Lebanese, red, black


squidgy bar

soap bar

my dissolute mama

gave me the good genes

to hold booze


the vice of let’s see

rules are for others

my daddy meanwhile

held the its all bad for you

I don’t wonder why

its obvious



the speed years

it was like Ritalin

for the adhd kids

held me in a good place

let me think for myself

never wanted smack

I saw the hook

the lure

the bait of nothingness

for those who fell

in peacetime trenches

promised nothing to me

acid was coming home

the place I wanted to live

my days

my nights

my place under the tree


seeing everything was

& could not be

then came ecstacy

lord of the dance

connecting everybody

like acid

yet lucid



is open



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