casual cafe observations

of les ros bifs en france

sitting in a café corner

nursing a noisette

leaching the wifi

when mr & mrs rosbif arrive

monsieur ventures to the zinc

does not

offer his hand to monsieur

offer bonjour as a greeting

which marks him immediately

as les anglais/rosbif

having poor manners

he then quietly mutters

deux cafes au lait s’ilvous plait

monsieur de café:

duex café crème?

anglais mumbles ‘oui’ uncertainly

& we all shake our heads

what he needed to do:

stroll in like he was at home

(he is)

shake hands with monsieur de cafe

saying bonjour in a strong voice

offer mrs. Rosbif for the 2 kiss salute

after monsieur has responded bonjour

& tilted his head

say in a good pitch

deux café crème s’il vous plait, grande

& then he will get his 2 tureens

of coffee as the English like it

any poor French will be excused

provided the artistry is good



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