can you come over?

he calls

& you go over

his place, as ever

a mess of this, that

all the stuff

a man forgets to do

when he’s got things

on his mind

he doesn’t offer a drink

never does

never did

so, what d’you want?

I ask

well, he goes

I ain’t seen you in a while

thought we’d, er, chat


Yeah, like I said

not seen you in a while

oh, ok then, whats new?

dying he mutters

dying? Really?

Yeah, I’m like, y’know

bleeding blood

from my ass

I reckon its cancer

black blood from my ass

& he’s serious

I can feel it

in his short breathy intakes

his words

all quiet

that hint of self pity

all scared

ok, you been to the doc?

No! I don’t like those people

looking around I ask:

you been looking after you?

eating right?

& he looks in the corner

boxes of snacks


well, y’know he shrugs

whatever I can get cheap

down at the discount store

& drink?

beginning to lose patience

oh yeah he brights

I got this great deal on guinesss

slabs of them

close to but not on

their best by date

been chugging these

twenty odd cans a day

look, I gotta go man

sorry n all for your illness

y’know, stuff to do

people to see

wait, he goes

throws me a can….


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