In the system 1

first time they got me


in the system

I was a feckless boy

21 maybe 22

sentenced to 7 days

non payment of fines

that at the time I felt

were for mostly bullshit

no victim no crime things

riding my motorcycle

too fast

improper licence


hair too long

attitude too loud

I got processed

with a couple of burglars

an ice cream man

who’d murdered a rival

in the ice cream wars

all stripped


walked under gaze


I learnt nothing


prison is a waiting game

to not to get caught

it took longer to realise

I was in the system

& the system

does not like to let go

of its own

on my release

they were waiting

to check my licence

my attitude

long hair

one even said

‘maybe if you got a hair cut

or left town’

it was then

it began to dawn

I was in their system

not my own


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