What keeps you going?

For a long time it was rage

rage that this was being done

had been done

to me

& I was powerless

to stop


the process

once you are in the system

the system convinces

that this is

how it is

this is who you are

once I learned

found a way out

of that

the rage took some years

to subside

then I found love

& love

powered my ways

but y’know

people are fickle

will kill themselves

just to hurt


& then

I found my way

back to me




& that ain’t easy

sloughing off the bullshit

laid on

sifting thru’ the business

of you

whose is whose

what is mine

testing your own beliefs

& I got it down

at one time to:

do what you want

but don’t let that


anyone else

I might have added layers

since then

but its better than rage

less fuss than love

& it sorts friends

from strangers


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