She called me Jack

I was her downtime loving man

one of my ever married women

would call on me evening time

you guys can judge if you want

when that door closed

I knew what was mine

they told stories of love gone wrong

long evenings

stretching lonely

make them want to lose their minds

she called me jack most nights

we’d be going at it until we broke the line

I was easy then

take whatever came along

easy on my pocket

easy on my time

pickings are easy

if you don’t mind

your side of the bed

never growing cold

Christmas & holidays by yourself

your lover going home

to others

being that downtime only

loving man

lively evening times

others on the shelf

it gets old they go on to others

I did not mind

knew there’d be lovers

knocking my door come evening time

when love is easy

going on into the night

there’s a distance

you don’t cross

call me mr jack baby

let me learn your knock

there on the door

when you leave

there will be


crossing the floor

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