I could feel her creeping up on me

her thoughts radiating

slivers of knives

in the hot air

her eyes steady

bright as an eagle on prey

I was not ready to fight

but ready to defend

threw a casual swirl to protect

& stepped into a circle of calm

I know you she smiled

though my third ear heard

this as a hiss


you have the advantage

I replied

how can I be of help?

oh I want nothing


to do

with you

she lied


I must bid you adieu

her eyes still on my throat

I made moves to go

wait she cried

is it true

you are the kind of man

that flees a woman

with a quest?

If you want nothing

to do

from me


all I can offer is direction

go this

go that

your roads must differ from mine

& with that stepped toward

on to the path of truth

where I knew

she could not follow

beware these demons

harpies of painted nails

lips of ruby red

hearts of whip cruel

heads filled with cold vengeance


but needing home

they will rip any man

not acquainted

with protection

on the path

of truth

I was not


for hell


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