tribe 1

Born into the working class

& football means nothing to me

I hold no skills in the game

did not

could not

play in the park

jerseys for goals

shouting in the sun

pass, pass here!

I was a reader


book under my arm

checking books out of the library

on an almost daily basis

the librarian would challenge

I’d say, pick a page, any page, any book

she’d read a line or two

& I’d chime in with the next lines

or talk of the theory being tested

some thought I was gay

that was gay then

reading books

can’t play football

& that only pushed me further outside

I had no Dad take me to matches

no uncles to take me fishing

these were all work work work

that or drink drink drinking

aunts who fell

walked into doors

which did not fool me any

I wanted none of this

but to write

string the words

make you laugh, cry, sing

& for that

I was gay

& as that young lad

I had no idea

what that meant

but thought

hey, I got a tribe

bring it the fuck on

note: football being soccer

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