Lost mojo

I’d taken a break

no booze



had been working on me

then met this nice lady

not sure what we had

but there was something

she invited me back

come after seven she said

so I brought a bottle of white

I’d prefer red

but you never know

we talked a while

all awkward in the new

she leaned in for a kiss

& that went ok

so we did another

then as I leaned in

my hand brushed her breast

the recoil took a nano second

but man it was there

I apologised

it had been an accident

set my glass down



for a good evening

she got my coat

looking puzzled

tho’ not a word passed her lips

& I stepped out into the rain

tipped my hat

whispered good night

knew I’d not be passing

this way again

I guess my mojo

was out there somewhere

lurking across the roof tops


I sighed

put this down to experience

I was out of touch

with these ways

had taken a gun to a knife fight

my manners

were indeed

ill at ease


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