On the street

years after

I was buying oranges

you were there

cherries I think

our eyes met again

& we blinked

lets have coffee you said

tho’ I wanted a stronger drink


trying to talk

on many things

without getting to


so why did you leave?

you finally asked

you don’t remember?

no, all puzzled & face blank

I remembered we’d fought

late in the night

after some loud party

at her friends’

she was full of accusation

poor drugs

& booze

I took her shoulders


bronzed & beautiful

began to shake

to make some point

that I only cared for her

her beauty



& left

never to return

never wanting to be



I did not want to talk about that

so said:

weren’t you in love with X?

to close the memory out

oh that!

she smiled

oh that was nothing

now it makes sense

we finished our coffees

& went in different directions



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