I was what

five nine at the time

the blonde in bare feet

held six three

my friends’d gag

do you need a box

meet her on a hill?

as they were more

than gently intimidated

she had looks

was built like a true amazon

bobby crumb would be in love

had height

& was great fun

could hang wallpaper

without steps

see over the crowd at the bar

to catch bartenders eyes

get the drinks

she was stand out alright

I was never quite sure

what she saw in me

then we had a row

something about stuff

I’d said

not said

& she loomed over me

said: watch it mister

or what

I thought

she picked me up

quite softly


moved me to the side

& went into her kitchen

I made it to the door

let it snick silently behind

& walked away


I was intimidated



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