I found you with that girl

we were talking about her degree

heading to the bar

well, I thought it was more

there is no equivalence

it was only once

I love you, only you, you know that

actually, I don’t

you went off, slept with him

telling me you were not well that night

I tell you it was a one off


yeah, I love you, wanna be with you


oh yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking

I got upset about you & her

there was…no…me…&…her

well, she looked so into you

is this is how it is with you?

I look at, talk with, socialise-in public

with some woman you don’t know

& you go off fuck some fella in a hotel?

it wasn’t like that

so, then, what was it like?

I made a mistake ok

surely you know that

lets get past it ok

& after all, you were laughing

with that blonde bitch at the bar

again, I don’t know her, never met

before or after, ever

there’s always a justification,

with you, is that it?

yeah, no, look, I wanna be with you

lets put this behind us & move on

I’ve learned my lesson….

she was pouting now, making her moves

pulling me in for a kiss, cuddle


I think I’ve learned the lesson too

she smiled, ooh good

I never want to see you again


& walked away


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