Dude wants to die

Dude wants to die

got himself some rope

its all over

all over

nothing much works anymore

so I take the bottle out of his hands

take the rope

this knot see?

you’re doing it all wrong

& you need a longer drop

your feet will just scuff the floor

& he tells me

I’m a callous bastard

for not caring more

hey wait

I say

you’re the one with the missus & kids

in the next room

needing your paycheck

end of each month

the one with a half assed noose

hiding in the garage

with a kill me score on the radio

your way will be slow agony

& not just for you

any insurance will be void

who is going to pay the rent?

he comes round slow

fog clears his head

what was I thinking?


I say

this bottle is dead

you could’ve left some for me


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