Take 5

Its time you took a break

say 6 months

no frills, no thrills, no women

you keep finding the same ones

maybe a time out

might help you regroup?

it was true

there had been a series

of hollow impressions in my bed

my head

flowing into one impression of strange

I moved

lived by myself for almost a year

getting up at 6

running the miles of seafront

end to end

slowly getting faster

easier with it

a small breakfast

& off to work

avoiding the parties

drinks nights out

coming back at night to me

to walk the seafront

amongst the young lovers

seagulls & sea weed smell

to write

avoiding the box

because once you make the move

to be single

all adverts

tv shows

become about couples




I lost weight & felt great

got into my art

avoiding the invites became easier

the ‘here comes the hermit’ remarks

found my way back to me

‘cos whilst it is fun to meet new

it is good to revisit the old

refind the reasons

the why of me



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