mr numbnuts

I am useless with whores

missing all the cues

walking over a bridge in sailor town

& she says ‘do you have the time?’

sure, I say, its ten past three

walk on a few more steps

& realize what just happened

getting almost rolled in lisboa

some dark beauty linking her arm in mine

dragging me away from a long night of drinking

into a dark alley while she fumbled with my pants

suddenly waking to that where she was grabbing

was not where my dick was

maybe I have the air

the walking countenance

of a white man in need of a blowjob

sleepily parking my van in france

a side street full of campers, trucks

being beckoned by a woman

in the van in front of me

& the oh no jolt

all I wanted was 5 minutes

to rest

I need more sleep

a long nap


just maybe then

I might wake up

one day

be more alert to just what is

around me


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