Talking with a lady with faith

holding forth in her own gentle way

the problem of men

their balls full of bloodlust

she reckoned

fighting & fucking on a weekend

& I look around




our lack of faith

gives us no moral compass


we have come to rely only

upon ourselves

what we think


& that last bit I get

from her point of view

but what she doesn’t understand

is our compass

derives from those long interminable

conversations men have when we gather

about what she sees as nothing


maybe its not us who left her church

but her church that has left us

that insipid culture of gentility

taught us we were wrong

in everything we did, thought

suggesting we had no inner sense

of right & wrong

unless we surrendered

to the pale one in the sky

much as she was trying to say, eh?

& the balls full of bloodlust bit….

loved the lyricism &

I look around

maybe that was true

at some point in time


these are chock full of decisions

needing to be made

but first

the conversation


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