Is there anything?

Those years when I had no foothold

grip on anything much

not even me

I was a ricochet place to place

trying to regain some composure

after failed relationship

no home to go

just hanging while I drew breath

dragging a bag around

all that I owned

a sofa here

a bed there if I got lucky

just me & my bike

leaning on friends

Alex found himself an older woman

had a spare bed

& I moved there for a while

being out in the day

coming back at night

wanting to not get in the way

of them

he found himself working a trawler

at first a couple of nights

then away for a week or two

she seemed ok about that

happy for me to hang in her place

then came the night

I found her

round midnight

standing at the side of the bed

is there anything

I can get you?

anything you want?


the rent was due


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