as a young feller

As a young feller

your mind becomes focused

on finding the money

provide necessary funds

to do what you need to do

furnish a lifestyle

& you consider employment

as an easy trade

time for money

a do this, do that

& take this cash

as if eh?

there is no warning enough

for the truth of the devil deal

sure, it is, do this, do that

but no interview

can prepare

give warning

of the soup of emotion

you will work in

the basket cases punching in

to lurk in corners eeking out their day

thin petty thieves filching anything

pilfering all not nailed down

sly passive aggressive bullies

seeking out weak points

in bulletins, snide asides

in their scramble for the next paygrade

the toilet sobbers


dreamers at the photo copier

the sensitives who feel your every word

needs scanning in competition

for ambition



deep in conspiracy

you are not the best person for the job

one of their clique was

& the boss?

the boss is an absentee landlord

issuing instructions


that bear no resemblance

to this ship of fools

the mob

you are trying to learn the job

find solid ground

here only to take the money

& beginning to wonder

if robbing a bank

just might be easier


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