cog for that wheel

The party had been wild
I’d lost track of who & what about three
it was now 6 am
people had left
except for this woman who I didn’t know
‘I like you’
she said with a wide smile
are a man that does’
this puzzled me some
‘you do things
you go out
you have a home
the smile never stopped
but those eyes kept going
‘I love how you’ve painted this place
stripped the doors
done the floors
I love a man that
can do things’
she was hanging off one of the walls
wafting gently as if there were a good breeze
stood up came over & looked me in the eyes
‘but you’ve been married yes?
& that all failed
were you a bad boy?
did you hit her?
are you a drunk?
wear her knickers too often?’
& then sagged down on the sofa
I wondered what might come next
as she looked around for a drink
found it
drank it in one
handed me the glass
‘can you get me a large gin?’
lay back
closed her eyes & was gone
it is best not to panic
in these circumstances
a strange woman
is no longer a good accoutrement
to a single mans place
allegations can be made
in that drunken state
that will kill him
his life
no matter that later
he may be found innocent
I gently threw a blanket over her
called a female neighbour to come over
& we waited
until we could ease her out the door
she’d already cased the joint
liked the place
& me
I was a man that did
& she was one of those
needed that level of support
to live the life she loved
& I?
would not be a cog for that wheel


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