She called
you coming over tonight?
make it after 8
after the kid is in bed y’know
I said sure
y’know I got this piece of crap car
if I can get it started
be great to see you
the car had a battery problem
sometimes it’d be flat
other times ok
there was a loose connection
which I couldn’t quite fix
meant I couldn’t drive at night
with the lights on same time as driving
I got there after 8
we’d seen each other
maybe a dozen times
so if I stayed over
I could drive away in the am
no need for lights
she opens the door & I go in
there was her chubby friend
my heart sank
were not friends
& she was smiling
have a beer
says the one I went to see
we need to talk
ok I go
what else did I have?
listen Ben she begins
I’ve decided we’re not going anywhere
& shouldn’t see each other anymore
I look outside
its dark
& I’m thinking
just how am I going to leave?
I get up
leave the beer on the floor
pass the smirking friend
& get in the car
lie on the back seat
try to sleep
around midnight
there’s a tap on the glass
come sleep on the sofa
it must be cold
which it was
s’ok I say
we’re not seeing each other anymore
I can see by her nervous looks around
its not me she’s bothered about
but her neighbours
twitching the curtains playing look’see
and sink back into half sleep
until grey dawn slowly lights the sky
& me & the POC car
can coast down the hill to start
& go home

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