A moment in parisienne time

time would be about 5

the light was low

I was nursing my café creme

watching the traffic slide by

the usual ballet of speeding cars

mopeds & pedestrians

the soundtrack being beeping

muffled curses & gallic waves

I was thinking of nothing

except how the evening would be

how to use what little money I had

to its best advantage

when over the road at the fromagerie

I saw a parisienne matron

late sixties

haute couture clothing

coiffeured to the top

shoes that cost more than I could earn

& a dog

a little white sniffy poodle thing

all nose in the air

& look at me attitude

madame stopped at the open counter

began to inspect the boxes of cheese

monsieur (the proprietor) rushed out

aah madame z, how are you

& how is little sniffy?

Madame inspected every box in the display

as Monsieur opened every box with a flourish

this is from x out in provence

it arrived today by special train

this from b in Lot et Garonne

is one week old & ready for your special palate

sniffy sat

looked up

& madame picked her up

continuing to inspect

these new cheeses with her fine nose

my coffee grew cold

I did not care

this was street art

pure entertainment


as she smelt every fromage in the premises

after thirty minutes madame z finally spoke

thank you monsieur

but I will go to monsieur m today

I am sure he will have something for me

& with that

sailed fifty metres along the boulevard

& began the whole process again


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