a good enough bottle of red

I said I had to go
just got up & left
got into my car & drove away
we’d dated a few times
tonight was dinner with friends
her best friends
who’d seen her through
I’d spent the afternoon with her
cooking a stroganoff
all pleasant enough
there was a good enough bottle of red
some gentle conversation
about nothing much
& somewhere in the middle of this
I looked up
a vague reflection in the tv
placed across a corner in the room
& it woke me
a jolt to the head
caught sight of the room
the décor
the guests
the drapes that matched the sofa
the realisation I was not in home waters
hit me like a plush bear wrapped
around an iron bar
this would be the future
if I stayed any longer
I got up
said I had to go
got in my car & drove away
you’ll say I was cruel
a terrible person to do that
you were not there
saw what was in the reflection
of that tv
catty corner across room
what would happen if I stayed


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