a better night

One time I quit you
laying on a hot bed in Paris
you didn’t want to walk
everything was wrong
the city was much too hot
you didn’t have the money
to sit in a street bar & stare
& the booze we kept cool
in the bidet was all gone
you were throwing things
a baguette sailed over my head
out of the seventh floor window
it was time to go
about time I let go
& you said c’mon babe
take me out for a drink
we went out in the sticky streets
sat at the back of a long bar
under the neon close by the ac
counting the minutes until
thinking of sartre’s hell is others
your good mood had returned
I was losing my mind over you
wanting to run to the hills
knowing deep you were no good
hating only me in this love for you
the minutes ticked on
you needed cigarettes
turned on the charm
as I bought camels from the machine
lets find the flea market
find something for home
the drink was kicking in
a couple more
& we’d buy bottles for the bidet
this would be a better night


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