The first time I felt peace
I was thirteen
on a mountain top in wales
had hitchhiked a full day
only to go sixty miles or so
to be left on top of a mountain
as the night began closing in
I had nowhere to go but stop
or walk the long winding road down
in the dark
I stopped
lay down behind a thick stone wall
as cover from a light breeze
& watched as the stars multiplied
as the night grew into black
occasionally a car would pass
on the other side of my wall
as I settled into my grassy nook
that & the sometimes call of an owl
were all the sounds I had
as the moon came to arc across the sky
I knew nothing of what the next day
might bring, much as I’d not known today
I lay looking into the stars & dark
then slept until the sun warmed me
invaded my eyes
I wanted to stay
to do this all over again
to be held by the mountain
against the night
I was thirteen
had finally found peace


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