This one

This one
This one came with a knife
screaming to kill
at 2 in the a.m.
over some small smile i’d flashed
in the tedious party, at her friend
this one got her dad, his friends
to chase me through darkened docks
false claiming she was pregnant
I had to hide trembling in a crate,
under a tarp, a cloud
this one came at me with claws
that i never loved her, truly loved her
she had a point
i’d stuck my dick in crazy
regretted it, was edging towards her door
this one used her friends
to create a wall against,
because i’d left her,
alone with her coldness
to find warmth in anothers way
this one, this one,
brings me love, drinks and food
extra portions every single day
out of all of them
this one will be the true killer


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