Late night rendezvous

sipping drinks at yet another
dead party full of teachers
talking shop
its not a hate thing as such
though a quick look
would show similar features
when she sat next to me
refilled my glass & smiled
hey, this is one who gets it
I thought & chinked a slainte
we talked for a long while
places we’d visited
people we knew
& then she said she had to go
then with impulse said
come with me
it was either stay & be bored more
possible adventures new
we drove in the dark streets
kinda silent & I was wondering
if there was a regret growing
she took me to her place
all whispers & quiets
my kid is asleep
wait here while I pay the baby sitter
I waited a while until she called me in
offering a drink
a seat on the sofa
where we kissed like kids
giggling in the spaces between
she kept on with the whispers
but oh she wanted
the stuff that makes noise
taking me by the hand up stairs
to the pink room with pink pillows
you know that scene
& we did what was needed
though she acted scared
like this had never happened before
until we fell asleep worn by it all
then shaken awake before dawn
to throw me out before the kid
woke up needing cereal & school
asking me to call again later
sometime after beddy bye times
lets do that all over again
all whispers & quiets
she smiled
as the door went click
leaving me to find my way home
through empty streets
where adventures may or may not be
I never went back

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