To go
every night
out on the streets
finding a cheap slut needing highs
a friend with coke
everybody with coke is a friend
remember that
its useful
if you are the one
& nobody else is…
I digress
to go
every night
get roaring drunk
crowded loud bars
& fight a beer bully
in a damp alley
just because
you can
want to
the coke
makes it so
ending up
the doormat
watching tv
& whining
there is nothing on
when you know
you could be
out on the town
rough fucking a stranger
because that is
how she loves it
dark, dirty, delightful
you sip tea
& wonder
whether you can say
baby suck me
like you used to
but no
that’s not
how it is
these days
its work
in the am
an early start
for another day of the dead

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