indifference of culture

There were many years I had no clue I was the rough boy
rough trade as some called it then, there were doors that would just not open
I was being me finding my way from a to b with a detours through to z on the way
there were things out there called opera & ballet but I had my music films & the tv
these were always out there right in front doing what I needed them to do
I caught bits of the opera on the radio, ballet on the tv, cos ballet don’t work on
airwaves & I tried gave it a real honest go but it is like a different language
that I can catch a word but the gist gets lost in difference of meanings
mine is the inferior the ballet lovers say but I’ve yet to hear a strong riff in opera
that tells me of the streets I run in, the world revolving through my door
some of us are rough boys & some just love to watch the pretty people in white tights
I too have these petty snobberies for those who need soap operas to guide them
reality tv burns my blood to bile the cheap hustlers seeking 15 minutes of fame
being roasted live in front of sleepers with no clue that the spectacle is curated
mined for jeopardy, resolve and will discard the players at the end with no thought
of the slippery notoriety jacket they have draped over their shoulders


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