Walking, just walking

It did not matter if it was the wrong direction
if there is no home or place they want you to go
my thumb had long died the power in it gone
always hoping there would be something
in the next place I got to lay my head
& after that it was just walking again
don’t let you think this was always down
I was the free’est man then I’d ever known
walking, just walking looking everywhere to see
hoping for a spark to catch a’fire in a pretty face
anyone to give a few moments of peace
away from there, me, the time behind
I wasn’t alone plenty more just like me
dogs without a home a bone minus the yard
each trying to find a way to or away from the dark
back aways towards a little bit happier space
writing my thoughts on scraps of paper found
all lost now to the road left behind lines unread
all of those words gone from you & my head
if I could find them that freedom again
i’m not sure they would make a lot of sense
they were of the road, that time, those places
my loss & found of people no longer among us
this later day peace of mind can never retrace
those ancient wandering walking, just walking

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